2023: Gov Emmanuel Flies To Ghana For Spiritual Retreat, Leaves Aides Behind

Lead representative Udom Emmanuel on Tuesday, February 15,2022 escaped Uyo to the Republic of Ghana for an otherworldly retreat and to meet with one of his solid prophets and get some information about his progression plan. An aeronautics source at the Lagos air terminal said he deserted all his security group in Lagos and entered the personal luxury plane alone to Ghana.

Prior to leaving Lagos, the source said he was furious with the colossal measure of cash he has spent on the underwriting of Pst. Umo Enoh as his decision for the 2023 surveys. The Governor was supposed to be irate with his Senior Special Assistant, SSA, Mr Isantim Kenneth Okon for requesting #100 million from the public authority before the Youths will underwrite Pst Umo Enoh for 2023.

The source said the interest for #100 million got the Governor furious. The Governor was said to have asked that when Akpabio brought him out for the 2015 decisions, he didn’t burn through an excess of cash however that he has spent near #20 billion on Umo Enoh’s support alone. He was supposed to be furious that assuming he needs to burn through this much cash on underwriting, how much will he spend at the PDP essential and the 2023 Governorship political decision.

Lead representative Emmanuel in dropping his security group in Lagos and traveling solo, our avionics source said was to forestall a hole of data on his whereabout or who he meets in Ghana when he is there. Regardless of whether the choice is a break of his convention and security, he actually went to Ghana alone and is normal back in Nigeria on Thursday, February 17, 2022.

The avionics source said the Governor who was checked in Ghana through a near the strong Pastor prophet said the Governor is as yet stressed over Umo Enoh winning the 2023 political decision. He has requested that the prophet play out a few otherworldly tasks for him in Ghana for his arrangements on Uno Enoh to succeed.

The Ghana source said Gov. Udom showed up Ghana with a ton of stress and disarray, a sign that everything isn’t well with him and his 2023 plans. He said since he showed up he has been going through otherworldly tasks and how he is currently treating Ghana is something he was told to do prior to introducing Umo Enoh as the Governor and Umo Eno had visited the prophet toward the end of last year.

Source:- Leaders Ng

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