Lady to arrest housemate and her boyfriend for inviting him over without informing her

A Nigerian lady vows to get her housemate and her boyfriend arrested for inviting him over without informing her, as she narrates an incident that occurred in their room.The lady known as @faree_for_real took to X to announce that she intends to call the police on both parties for violation.

In a post she made on X, she explained that her housemate had invited a man over to their place without informing her.By chance, the boyfriend’s arrival coincided with her exit from the bathroom, and at the time, she was completely unclad.She expressed her outrage in a series of tweet she made online.Check out post below…“Getting my housemate and her boyfriend arrested. Why the hell are you bringing a man into the house by 9pm without informing me? I literally walk out of the bathroom unclad and I’m seeing a man. You’re still telling me I’m overreacting.This babe locked me out of the house when I was sick because she and her man were inside. Randomly brings groups for sleepovers. Violates every boundary. But all of a sudden I’m evil for being angry.”Refer to posts below …