Two police officers arrested for kidnapping minors in Sokoto

Two police officers arrested for kidnapping minors in Sokoto

The Sokoto State Police Order has affirmed the capture of two of its officials, ASP Kulu and Elizabeth Ojah, for supposedly seizing minors in the state.

The officials were captured by the Government Capital Domain Police Order for purportedly stealing five kids.

The representative for the order, ASP Ahmad Rufai, who affirmed the capture in a proclamation on Friday, May 3, said they have started examinations concerning the supposed snatching of five youngsters from the state.

Review that the officials were captured by the FCT police order for supposedly snatching five kids,

“Both the suspects and casualties were moved and given over to the order from FCT police order for additional examination concerning the matter,” the PPRO said.

Among those kidnapped were three little children younger than two, and a five-year-old named Asmau Ya’u, who was supposedly snatched while en route to an Islamiyya school in Sokoto.

The suspects were said to have been captured while going from Sokoto to Abuja in a 18-seater business transport when a few travelers cautioned the police close to Abuja subsequent to seeing that the overseers of the kids couldn’t breastfeed them during the seven-hour venture.

The state official of the Common freedoms Organization, Sirajo Madawaki, said the case was moved to the organization office in the state from Abuja, and an examination concerning the case has since started

Madawaki guaranteed that the organization would seek after the case to its obvious end result and guarantee that the suspects were arraigned and the youngsters rejoined with their separate guardians.

The suspect, ASP Kulu, who was supposed to present with the Kubwa Division, had applied for leave, which was not conceded before her excursion to Sokoto.