British Ambassador To Mexico Sacked For Pointing Gun At Staff (Video, Photos)

British Ambassador To Mexico Sacked For Pointing Gun At Staff (Video, Photos)

English diplomat to Mexico terminated subsequent to ‘pointing weapon at staff’

Jon Benjamin was supposedly on an authority trip when he got a firearm in the vehicle he was going in. The Unfamiliar Office said it had taken “fitting activity” after the episode.

Saturday 1 June 2024

The English diplomat to Mexico has been taken out from the post after a video arose online of him clearly pointing an attack rifle at a consulate representative.

The video, shared via virtual entertainment, shows Jon Benjamin pointing the gun at an individual whose face has been obscured out.

“In a setting of everyday killings in Mexico by street pharmacists, he thinks for even a moment to joke,” peruses a post going with the clasp.

On Friday, the Monetary Times revealed the representative had been eliminated from his post after the occurrence, which allegedly occurred during an authority excursion to the provinces of Durango and Sinaloa in April.

The two states have a high presence of medication cartels.

Mexico has a long history of cartel viciousness, with around 30,000 killings per year.

“We know about this occurrence and have made a suitable move,” a representative for the UK Unfamiliar Office said.

Where internal issues do arise, the FCDO has robust HR processes to address them.”

Mr Benjamin’s LinkedIn page says his term as ambassador ended in May, and a biography posted on the government website for the United Kingdom notes he “was UK Ambassador to Mexico between 2021 and 2024”.

According to the Foreign Office website, Mr Benjamin “joined the Diplomatic Service in 1986, and previously represented the British government in Chile, Ghana, Turkey, Indonesia, and the United States, during his career”.

Sky News has approached Mr Benjamin for comment.

Video below!