Atalanta Vs Villarreal Champions Leauge Match Postponed After Heavy Snowfall



The all-deciding match in Group F between Atalanta and Villareal was originally delayed to attempt to clear the fields but English referee Anthony Taylor opted for a postponement when the grounds crew weren’t able to get the field into a playable condition.

It’s a high stakes match with the winner moving on and the loser possibly not even guaranteed of getting into Europa League. Crews have been doing their best to clear the grounds and due to lack of visibility, both the orange ball and red lines have come out to try and improve things. But it wasn’t enough as the match will be moved to Thursday.

Due to the constant snowfall 🌨 in Bergamo, @UEFA have decided to postpone the @Atalanta_BC 🆚 #Villarreal match until tomorrow (Thursday). The kick-off time is still to be determined.#UCLpic.twitter.com/taifhblApA— Villarreal CF English (@VillarrealCFen) December 8, 2021

Due to the uncertainty of the conditions in such an important match, the decision to postpone gives both teams the best chance to play on equal footing. While the time is still to be determined

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