France, US Ask Their Citizens To Leave Russia Immediately

France urges its citizens making short-term visits to Russia to leave


PARIS, Feb 27 (Reuters) – All French residents on momentary visits to Russia should leave the nation right away, the French government said on Sunday, refering to fixing limitations on air travel coming about because of approvals rebuffing Moscow for attacking Ukraine.

“Because of the expanding limitations on air traffic among Russia and Europe, it is emphatically suggested that French nationals visiting Russia make courses of action to leave the country right away utilizing existing air interfaces,” the French Foreign Ministry said.

Russia’s intrusion of Ukraine, the greatest attack on an European state since World War Two, has released a blast of Western backlashes.

Air France said it was suspending all trips to and from Russia until additional notification.

The United States likewise said its residents ought to consider leaving Russia quickly on the business flights still accessible.

Source:- Reuters

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