Inspiring Story How Skitmaker Blessed Plantain Seller With N500k After Pranking Her

A roasted plantain seller has been left crying tears of joy after a skitmaker, Ahuoiza blessed her with N500,000.


Everything occurred after Ahuoiza attempted to trick the simmered plantain merchant, by purchasing boli (cooked plantain) from her hand, then, at that point, tasted it. After certain minutes, she lied and said the broiled plantain isn’t sweet, giving it back to the merchant and declining to pay.

The lady smoothly gathered it, considering what was off-base. While this was going on, a camera was covertly recording her. Seconds later, the woman returned and caused the dealer to acknowledge it was each of the a trick. She gave a wad of notes to the passionate lady who couldn’t completely accept that what simply occurred and cried.

Notwithstanding, not done, she went on her Instagram page to request that her fans contribute for the lady. An incredible N500,000 was understood and it was generally enthusiastic as Ahuoiza gave her the cash contributed by her devotees.

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