Lady Calls Off Wedding After Prospective Mother-in-Law Moved Into Her Fiance’s House

A lady has called off her wedding over her would-be mother-in-law’s behaviour.

As indicated by Twitter client, @Grace_undiluted, a companion canceled her wedding after her future mother by marriage moved into her life partner’s home. She uncovered that

wedding should happen on the 26th of December however things took an intense and troublesome turn.

The storyteller likewise unveiled that the woman’s family members encouraged her to make the striking stride after her life partner’s mom brought a portion of her possessions into the house.

Peruse the story beneath:

“So my companion canceled her wedding that should hang on 26th December since her life partner said his mom settled on moving in with them after their marriage. Her life partner’s family home is in Abuja, her life partner’s own home is likewise in Abuja, in a similar town normal of 20 minutes drive.

She let him know it wasn’t right however didn’t actually take it genuine untill last week when they went to organize somethings and she saw that the mother previously moved in a portion of her things. Omo!! The little girls let the young lady know that she has no privilege to direct where there… ” Read the full story



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