[Politics]: 5 Times Bode George Has Vowed To Leave Nigeria If Tinubu Becomes President

5 Times Bode George Has Vowed To Leave Nigeria If Tinubu Becomes President

5 Times Bode George Has Vowed To Leave Nigeria If Tinubu Becomes President

5 Times Bode George Has Vowed To Leave Nigeria If Tinubu Becomes President

Nigerian legislative issues is a round of mud-throwing, name-disgracing, and different tricks that must be persevered by a couple of tough people with the secure person to explore the cesspool of dramatization without slipping. These select people are natural lawmakers. They flourish in the smell of the aging disarray and send off determined outbursts of ripostes at each other.

No coordinate has exhibited this hypothesis like the extended throwing of agrees at Bola Tinubu, an All Progressives Congress (APC) official confident, by Bode George, a tribal leader of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Their abhorrence for one another fermented when Tinubu was still legislative leader of Lagos and George was the most conspicuous voice in the state’s PDP and his immediate resistance.

With years gone by, George never gotten control over his assault on Tinubu. Despite the fact that he has over and again said he dislikes Tinubu, the PDP tribal leader has would not stop his agrees while likewise blaming the previous Lagos lead representative for debasement during and after his residency.

In 2015, in front of the official political race, George vowed to “go on exile” on the off chance that the, recently shaped APC gets into power in light of the fact that Tinubu “will simply arrange that I ought to be gotten”.

“Assuming Bola Tinubu observes his direction into the public government, I will go on exile. He hasn’t the nerve and the tranquility of psyche. They don’t have the foggiest idea what to do in drive. Since the VP is his kid, he will simply arrange that Bode George ought to be gotten,” [/b]he had said.
APC won the political race however he dodged his guarantee.

Quick forward to the lead up to the 2023 official political decision and Tinubu revealing his desire, George has continued assaults on his long-lasting political adversary while more than once encouraging to leave Nigeria on the off chance that he gets the seat of force in Aso Rock.

In the beyond two years, George had made that guarantee no less than multiple times in various varieties.

In February 2020, when the official desire of Tinubu had not been unveiled, Goerge, in a visit with PUNCH, went after the thought. He depicted it as a “challenge” and the “most outlandish and most problematic issue”.

He then added that “I will repudiate Nigeria to take the citizenship of Togo or some other nation” assuming Tinubu turns into the president.

“It is a test. It would be the most irrational and most problematic issue to have him (Tinubu) chose as President. On the off chance that this occurs, I will abandon Nigeria to take the citizenship of Togo or some other country,” he said.

“See, what this individual did in my express, every one of the untruths and the most over the top agonizing thing was that upon the arrival of the political decision (2019 political race), two bullion vans drove in the sunlight to his home.”


On May 7, 2021, during a visit with Arise TV, George repeated his stand that he will stop to be a Nigerian should Tinubu get the administration.

He then, at that point, approached the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to research Tinubu’s residency as Lagos lead representative and his supposed association with Alpha Beta Consulting, an assessment firm.

“I’ve discussed it, I’m actually saying openly that the EFCC ought to go earnestly and explore Alpha Beta Company claimed by him,” he had said.

“We should ensure that they examine him. He’s traveling out of control an affront to the cultivated personalities who really buckle down in this country. In the event that by anything measuring stick, he turns into the head of state, I will stop to be a Nigerian, and I’m not kidding.”


A few months after the fact, George reaffirmed his guarantee once more. In one more visit with Arise TV, He said individuals pushing for Tinubu to arise president in 2023 need clinical assessment, adding that he would prefer to stop to be a Nigerian than see Tinubu become the president.

“I will do whatever is important to audit and deny my citizenship assuming that occurs. That sort of individual? Improve off? We live here. Check the state out. No channels. Take a gander at what they put at the bar ocean side,” the PDP clan leader said.

“What is happening? This is my state. We have individuals who are previous lead representatives. In the event that they’d acted like what he is doing, they’d have been nothing to him.

“Thus, to have in my mind that that sort of character is named to be Nigeria’s leader… Please, go check every one of them [Tinubu supporters]. Something isn’t right with them.”


In January 2022, after Tinubu had declared his official bid to the nation, Bode went at him once more. In a visit with Vanguard, he said Tinubu is “not the sort of individual we can surrender this gigantic country to make due”.

“I will create some distance from Nigeria. I’ll leave since he will be your agent in the global plain. Which speculation will he bring here? I’m not talking since I have any contempt for him,” he said.

“This isn’t the sort of individual we can give up this enormous country to make due. He will be the best joke on the worldwide plane. We should irritate who should lead us.”

At a press instructions on March 19, 2022, George emphasized that his guarantee to leave Nigeria assuming Tinubu becomes president is a big deal. He said he’ll leave the nation and “be watching with optics from a remote place”.

He blamed Tinubu for nepotism while scrutinizing the love of the APC tribal leader.

“If by anything chance he gets to the estate, I will not be important for this country. Furthermore, I am not kidding. I can go to Ghana and be watching with optics from a far distance. You will witness what will,” he said.

“His better half will presently be senate president. His child will be Governor of Lagos. His little girl will be Iyaloja of Nigeria.

“How has he demonstrated that he should be respected by anyone in this country?”

Source:- The Cable

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