[Politics]: Construction Workers Protest Company Debts By Akwa Ibom Government

Construction Workers Protest Company Debts By Akwa Ibom Government 

Construction Workers Protest Company Debts By Akwa Ibom Government

Construction Workers Protest Company Debts By Akwa Ibom Government

Development laborers with Qumecs Nigeria Limited, Original workers for hire of the Ring street 2 venture, in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state, on Saturday rampaged to communicate their outrage and disappointment over supposed government’s obligation to the organization.
The state government had last year disavowed the agreement with Qumecs and granted something similar to a native development firm, Hensek Integrated organization restricted, passing on an exceptional equilibrium of about N572m due to be paid to the primary development firm.

The supposed powerlessness of the state government to dispatch the equilibrium has caused untold difficulty among the specialists as the organization has pivoted its powerlessness to settle them on government’s inability to transmit the equilibrium.

The fighting laborers conveyed playcards of different engravings, for example, ‘Lead representative Udom Emmanuel: We have lost 4 individuals to ring street 2 undertaking, :’Mr Governor pay Qumecs’, ‘Lead representative Udom Emmanuel, we are biting the dust in light of the fact that Qumecs is owing us’, and so on

They told our journalist that before the agreement was disavowed, some of them had gathered credit offices and offered vehicles and other individual assets to execute the different positions with the organization.

One of the specialists, Samuel Peter, who provided stones said Qumecs owed him the amount of N18m, adding that he offered a land parcel to execute the stock agreement yet has been not able to recuperate his cash from that point forward.

“I offered a real estate parcel to supply stones to Qumecs for about N18m. Yet, up till date, I have not been paid,” he regretted

Peter, who said that he was getting by on cause unveiled that one Idorenyin Atang from Eket neighborhood government region has ended it all since he couldn’t “repay the advances he gathered from different individuals to execute an agreement and three others have ceased to exist of disappointment.”

Likewise talking, one of the sub workers for hire, Isaac Ibanga, addressing Sikak firm Nigeria Ltd said his organization developed the whole waste situation of the Ring street project, which was as yet being used.

He asserted that the organization is obliged to him to the tune of N18m adding that the sum was a credit office allowed to him by one of his financiers to execute the undertaking.

He said, “We did the waste position to a seriously far distance. Incredibly, installment stopped in 2019.

“Afterward, we heard that the mother organization’s agreement was renounced and we expected that the severance bundles ought to be paid. We are not keen on who carries on the venture.

“We enjoy towed the way of harmony since that time. we have pursued and composed different letters to Qumecs however we comprehend that the state government has not paid them.

“We kept in touch with the state government, duplicated to the lead representative and other applicable parastatals however they will let you know that they have no business with subcontractors since they gave the occupation to Qumecs.

“Under fair treatment, when a task is disavowed, fundamental checks are made to know whether there are any remaining equilibrium which should be settled to the project worker, yet such was not done for this situation.”

At the point when reached, the undertaking administrator, Qumecs Nigeria Limited, Stephen Oluyemi, bemoaned that the state government presently can’t seem to pay the organization the extraordinary equilibrium of N572 million which will empower them to pay the providers and subcontractors.

He said, “in all actuality we owed the indigenes, subcontractors and providers immense measures of cash. They have been composition to us however the issue is that we have not been paid the cash by the state government.

“The work since three years prior was around 70% finishing until COVID-19 came and government didn’t pay and from that point forward, we’ve been anticipating installment.

“On February 2021, what rather came was letter of end and they’ve granted the agreement to another organization. From that point forward, we’ve not accepted our exceptional equilibrium.

“We have begged them to practice persistence, our hardware was as yet on location. Furthermore when the public authority pays us, we will clear the obligation we owed these Indigenes.”

Notwithstanding, endeavors to talk with the state chief of Works and Fire Service, Prof. Eno Ibanga, was not effective as at the hour of documenting this report as he could pick his calls and didn’t answer to instant messages shipped off his telephone.

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