[Politics]: God Told Me Tinubu Will Win 2023 Presidential Election – Bishop Kayode Williams

God Told Me Tinubu Will Win 2023 Presidential Election – Bishop Kayode Williams 

God Told Me Tinubu Will Win 2023 Presidential Election – Bishop Kayode Williams 

God Told Me Tinubu Will Win 2023 Presidential Election – Bishop Kayode Williams

A righteous man, Bishop Kayode Williams has guaranteed that God let him know that Bola Tinubu is his decision for 2023. The originator of Christ Vessels of Grace Church Inc expressed that Tinubu has won the 2023 official political race.

Before his visit into evangelism, he was an infamous outfitted looter who invested energy in jail where he met Christ.

In a meeting with TheNation, he said he got the message about Tinubu becoming President multiple times from God.


You said you got the messages threefold on how Tinubu will arise successful in the 2023 official decisions. Might you at any point make reference to these dates and times the messages came to you?

I should actually take a look at that large number of dates to have the option to offer you explicit responses. In any case, I recall at some point last year, 2021, I imparted the message to Cardinal James Omolaja Odunmbaku, otherwise called the Baba Etoo. He is the Visioner/President of Christ Ambassador Soul Winners, since I accept he is nearer to Tinubu. I went to his home. So when this message came, God advised me to take it to Odumbaku. In any case, he was nowhere to be found. Whenever he returned, he called me and said, ‘Minister I saw your directive for Tinubu.” I said, “e mama je ko tutu o, ogbonna oo. Tinubu mama wole.’ (It’s hot, let it not get cold. Tinubu will win).That time even the tricks we as a whole are seeing today was occurring in light of the fact that no one was in any event, pondering races. Then, at that point, at another program, I asked him last year, ‘have you given this message to Tinubu?’ And when I returned to Baba Tejuoso and said God Has spoken, he concurred with me, however said that we ought to return and pay attention to God once more. I’m citing him verbally. He let me know that a year ago. He said you have just affirmed it once, I believe God should affirm it once more. Then I returned and he (Oba Tejuoso) inquired, “ki lOluwa tunso?” Se Tinubu yi naa si ni? (What has God said this time? Is it Tinubu still?).Then I said, “Kabiyesi oun ni, Tinubu ni Oluwa tun so oo.” (Yes kabiyesi, he’s the one God confirmed).The third time was last little while months prior. Senior Fajemisin was with me. We were composing and refreshing the notes and setting up the letters together. Since we couldn’t simply draw out a piece of paper and pass to Tinubu and say this is the message.

We needed to plunk down. Fajemisin is a columnist of high notoriety. He resigned as a Director of Programs in NTA, Abuja. He knows my trustworthiness and thus chose to join this service. He realizes what I’m talking about. He was the one composition. In this way, the third message currently came. That was the final remaining one and we were planning how to take the message to Baba Akande on the grounds that God ordered us to proceed to give Baba Akande. In any case, they said Baba Akande was in Abuja. I would rather not go to the door of Tinubu and be prowling around like a disturbance. Indeed, even a few ministers have been alarming me to lead individuals to Bourdillion Road saying that way I can get close enough to Tinubu however I advised them to sit tight for God’s bearing. Whenever Tinubu got back from London after his clinical outing, they constrained me and I needed to follow their lead, so we took my vehicle and some others. Equity Shogbola, the leader of this association; mom doesn’t put stock in “nigbati ngbati woli kan so pe” (when a prophet said). But since of the trustworthiness and trust she has found in me, she chose to acknowledge the authority since she has been seeing the consistency and the development of all my prophetic messages.

Also, I said Mama since you realize this multitude of things you’re an adjudicator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, you resigned from the National Industrial Court, you are important for us. This is simply to affirm to the entire world that it’s anything but a creative mind since, supposing that an adjudicator is essential for this set up, any sensible individual will know we’re not kidding here. This is a lady, not a unimportant individual. You can proceed to really look at her forerunners. In this way, she acknowledged. So when I presently educated Oba Tejuoso that Kabiyesi, this letter should be submitted, he said magnificence be to God. That is the thing is equipping us to stand up at this point. The duplicates for Tinubu, we needed to go through his girl, Sade, in light of the fact that the Iyaloja lives in a similar spot with my significant other. Yet, that’s what my dread is assuming I go in any case, individuals will say it is control. Be that as it may, I know Sade as my little girl however this is God’s message. However, I let myself know I can’t utilize that commonality to say, Sade proceed to give your dad since God said.

Governmental issues is large business which requires financing. You have referenced that your gathering desires to activate support for him. Who will be bankrolling this venture?

In the 774 neighborhood legislatures in Nigeria, we have individuals. God shows chose in His boundless kindness to allow us the chance of the order in the six geo-political zones in Nigeria that we should activate individuals to petition God for the progress of the political decision and achievement especially of Tinubu in each space. Our command likewise is that since we make certain of what God hath said that it will happen, that quickly he begins his mission, every one of our individuals in the city, we should assemble to proceed to ask and ensure that there’s no catastrophe. Kí ṣe wípé Olúwa jẹ ó wọ lé, ó ti wọle. (The request point isn’t that he ought to win; he has won as of now). This isn’t an expectation nor is it an estimate, change or mystery. God said Bola Ahmed Tinubu is His decision for Nigeria come 2023. Truth be told, our individuals are done appealing to God for Tinubu to win the decisions since we realize his triumph has proactively been fixed in paradise above. We’re just supplicating that God shields him from all types of fiendish plots in front of his initiation in 2023. Note this down.

You are a forerunner in the Christendom. Strangely Asiwaju Tinubu is a Muslim. How would you wed this? Couldn’t the Lord have shown you a Christian, as against a Muslim?

God doesn’t see things the manner in which we do. If God has any desire to send downpour, He sends downpour for the two Christians and Muslims. God doesn’t see anyone as a Christian or Muslim, He considers us to be crafted by His Hands. We have pursued a decision on the planet to follow. That is how God is seeing us. It was the point at which I emerged from the jail that I went to the college to do recognition in Human Resource Management to expand my insight.

God doesn’t take a gander at individuals He made as Chinese or Russians. God sees them as individuals and that is the very thing the Bible expresses that in the first place God made them male and female. Did He specify Muslim? Whenever God speaks, I can’t proceed to inquiry the respectability of God. Galatians 3:28 says that ‘there is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female, for ye are every one of the one in Christ Jesus.’

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