[Politics]: Senator Adeyeye: There Is A Lot Of Deceit In Nigerian Politicking

Senator Adeyeye: There Is A Lot Of Deceit In Nigerian Politicking


Senator Adeyeye: There Is A Lot Of Deceit In Nigerian Politicking

Senator Adeyeye: There Is A Lot Of Deceit In Nigerian Politicking

A clan leader of the All Progressives Congress and previous Senate Chief Whip, Prof Sola Adeyeye, talks with OLADIMEJI RAMON and TUNDE AJAJA on Buhari’s seven years in office, the continuous party primaries, the 2023 general races and why he upholds Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo’s nomination

The All Progressives Congress has changed its schedule a few times and it seems as though the party might embrace the agreement choice, do you feel that is a superior course to take in spite of having around 28 official hopefuls?

Truly, I don’t have the foggiest idea what is happening and I won’t have any desire to pre-empt the heads of the party, who should end up right now in predicaments, attempting to ensure that they deflect an emergency. Previously, things like this prompted the collapse of gatherings and eventually, everyone wound up losing. Assuming you recollect, the first Nigerian Peoples Party had Ibrahim Waziri as the executive and he additionally needed to be the official up-and-comer, yet different individuals from the party like Adeniran Ogunsanya, Areoye Oyebola, Nnamdi Azikiwe and others said no, it couldn’t be that way. The party then, at that point, split into what turned into the NPP and the Great Nigeria People’s Party, in light of the fact that Waziri and others left (to frame the GNPP). When the political race was held, the GNPP came fifth among the ideological groups; the NPN started things out, UPN came next and the NPP came third.

Yet, as far as topographical spread, the party had one-quarter in such countless states. It outflanked Chief Obafemi Awolowo’s party, the Unity Party of Nigeria, when it came to geological spread. What it showed was that assuming you had joined the votes of the NPP with the GNPP, they might have started things out and they would have had the geological spread, and all that show couldn’t have ever occurred, yet for the collapse. Envision if Zik (Nnamdi Azikiwe of the NPP) had been an official up-and-comer and Waziri (of the GNPP) had been a bad habit official competitor, and they had the option to keep up with similar votes, they would have won. These are the sort of things parties at this basic point should be attempting to adjust and it won’t be shrewd for me to pre-empt them. I must petition God for them that they will be reasonable for everyone and make the best decision.

On various events you have kept up with that one of the bleeding edge competitors, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, isn’t fit to be president principally by virtue of his wellbeing, what as you would see it are the chances against his bid?

In Nigerian legislative issues, anyone who talks with outright certainty is an idiot. I said so in light of the fact that truly there is a ton of duplicity in Nigerian politicking. Allow me to give you a model; the night prior to the Senate and the House of Representatives decided on the endeavor by (previous President Olusegun) Obasanjo to modify the 1999 Constitution to have a third term for himself, casting a ballot was first done in the Aso Villa. As a matter of fact, the current Chairman of the APC, who was the legislative head of Nasarawa State, was at the manor on that day. The then legislative leader of Bauchi State, Adamu Mu’azu, an attractive young fellow then, was the Chairman of the Nigerian Governors’ Forum. They took the votes and they had 83 representatives saying they would cast a ballot to help the modification of the constitution.

The next day when Ken Nnamani (the then Senate President), required a vote, just three congresspersons casted a ballot on the side of the third term. He then, at that point, made sense of what was going on with the democratic and asked that they vote once more, one of the congresspersons, who had recently upheld it, altered his perspective. Eventually, just two representatives out of 109 upheld the modification of the constitution. You see what occurred in Kaduna when Tinubu went there. You saw the abracadabra that happened there. We as a whole saw what happened when Amaechi, Fayemi and Osinbajo went there. Incredible things were said pretty much every one of them. What do I mean precisely? I accept a portion of these lead representatives are messing around.

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