Rain Bomb’ Hits Australia, Killing At Least 8

‘Rain Bomb’ Hits Australia, Killing At Least 8


HUNDREDS stay caught as the most terrible floods EVER swallow the town – as EIGHT pass on in Queensland with Brisbane River to top today

Many Lismore occupants are being protected from their housetops by helicopters and boats as the north-eastern New South Wales town is overwhelmed by the most terrible flood in residing memory.

Families hustled to higher ground on Monday morning as streams burst their banks from heavy rains pummeling NSW and south-east Queensland with floodwaters killing eight individuals in Queensland alone – the most recent a man matured in his 50s and his canine who were found in a lowered vehicle in Currumbin Valley.

A Daily Mail Australia photographic artist caught sensational scenes in the city of the NSW Northern Rivers town on Monday as crisis laborers helped whole families – including children and canines – get away from their homes.


In one illustration of the nerve racking scenes unfurling, handicap privileges dissident Sam Connor tweeted: ‘My mom is stuck inside the house going to suffocate. She has strong dystrophy… if it’s not too much trouble, help’.

Hours after the fact, Connor tweeted that the lady – who wears a breathing device – was fortunately protected.

About 15,000 individuals have as of now been emptied along the NSW north coast with thousands more abandoned and many calls to the State Emergency Service.

The SES is so overpowered its salvage boats have not had the option to arrive at each inhabitant, constraining frantic local people to post their addresses on a Facebook page to argue for a salvage.

The Wilsons River arrived at levels of 14.37m on Monday evening, multiple meters higher than its past record set over 50 years prior when the waterway hit a profundity of 12.27m in 1954.

QLD Police have requested anybody living or working close to the Howard Smith Wharves to clear following a boat conveying a crane broke liberated from its moorings on Monday evening.


Lismore CBD has been totally immersed with floodwaters gushing out over in North Lismore, South Lismore, East Lismore, Girards Hill, Woodburn, Swan Bay, Coraki, Marshalls Creek and Bilinudgel.

Sensational film showed helicopters arriving on roofs and salvage groups packaging abandoned inhabitants onto the airplane prior to taking off.

There were 374 calls to the SES in a one-hour time frame in the Northern Rivers area on Monday morning.

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