U.S Urges Its Citizens To Consider Leaving Russia Immediately


U.S. residents ought to consider leaving Russia promptly on business flights, the State Department said Sunday, refering to an expanding number of aircrafts dropping flights and nations shutting their airspace to Russia after its intrusion of Ukraine.


U.S. residents ought to consider leaving Russia quickly by means of business choices still accessible,” said a security alert dated Feb. 27 on the site of the U.S. international safe haven in Moscow.

It has asked U.S. residents to have “an emergency course of action that doesn’t depend on U.S. government help.”

Russia’s attack of Ukraine, the greatest attack on an European state since World War Two, has released a torrent of Western responses, with U.S. also European states forcing sanctions on Russian banks and monetary establishments.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has considered the assault a “unique activity” through which he expects to neutralize Moscow’s southern neighbor.

The State Department has saved its tourism warning for Russia at “Level 4: Do Not Travel.” On Feb. 20, the U.S. international safe haven in Moscow had encouraged Americans in the country to have a clearing plan, refering to the danger of assaults in Moscow and along the Russian line with Ukraine.

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